Leo ,Twain, Oakley and Evander are sanctuary dogs. They will remain under the care of the rescue. 

Leo is a deaf border collie. He has some neurological issues that cause him a lot of anxiety, shadow chasing, light chasing, frantic barking episodes at what to is appears to be nothing. He will always be very puppy like in his behaviors and he is a tiny little guy. His body never developed into and adult dog. Leo is sweet and loving and just a bit crazy some days. We are happy to have him stay with us and make sure all his medical needs are meet.  

Oakley, will stay under the care of the rescue and part of our pack

Twain was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. His case is very severe and we do not know how he will develop as he gets older. Twain will stay in the care of rescue to ensure all his medical needs are met. He fits in great with the rest of our pack and we are excited to watch him grow and learn more about him 

After 3 failed adoptions for nipping people we have decided Evander will stay here at the rescue 

Our Gang




deaf border collie

Zephyr's Hope


border collie


deaf, border collie


deaf, border collie


deaf , mini aussie


deaf, visually impaired, aussie


deaf, visually impaired, aussie mix


3 legged, Jindo from S. Korea 


german shepherd who stole my heart


deaf and blind aussie

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