Dogs for Adoption 



is 2 yrs old, she suffered a spinal injury and sadly her family chose to give her away rather than get her the treatment she needed.

She is doing great in her crt and it will go with her. She loves to go for walks and lay on soft blankets in the house. she is starting to use her back legs and will start physical therapy to see if we can help her regain use of her legs!


foster needed

Moonshine is a 9month old lac mix puppy. She was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. Luckily her condition is good. She no longer needs to eat in a Bailey chair! she does need her food soaked in water and have a stand feeder for her meals.  She is one of the most loving and sweet dogs you will ever meet. 


foster needed

Charley is a 4 month old lab mix who was born with a congenital defect in her spine. She is incontinent because of this. If put on a schedule she can be managed very well and she can waer diapers in the house. 


In foster care 

Tiberius is under a year old deaf bulldog/boxer mix.Toby as his fosters call him is doing great. He is still a rambunctious boy but is learning manners. He is great with the kids and other dogs in the house 

Penny is 8 months old

tand was both born with deformed front legs.  Penny can use all 4 of her legs.  she is spayed, UTD and microchipped. she. will need a patient family to help her gain trust and another dog in the house will be the best!


foster needed

Ryn is 1.5 yr old deaf aussie mix

She will need a home committed to training her. She was found as a stray and is just getting use to living in a house. She loves other dogs and had no interest in the cats. 


Palo is 9 months old.He is deaf. He needs a patient family to help him continue learning sign language. He needs his house manners worked on a bit too


foster needed

Kio is a 6 month old hound/pitty mix. He was born with two heart defects, unfortunately they can not be repaired. What this means is that he gets to be a normal happy boy but it could shorten his life span. There is no exact timeline but it could be between 4-7yrs. There are never any guarantees in life so please don't pass tis sweet boy up. 

Dogs in need of treatment / or continued care 


In foster care 

Ash and Izzy sare 4month old  week old german shepherd mixes . they both have to have their eyes looked at by an opthamologist to see what is going on .


Nimble is a 10 week old german shepherd puppy who is paralyzed in the hind end