Dogs for Adoption 

Bina is looking for a home of her own. She loves to play with other dogs but she is very bossy. she would need a dog who doesn't mind being bossed around. She would do great as an only dog as she loves human attention. She can be placed with older children as she is still learning proper behaviors and can be very jumpy and she likes to try and steal food from your hands.  

Dog in need of treatment / or continued care 

Rory is a 4 week old puppy who was born without an opening to her anus. She is a good candidate for surgery so we are currently fundraising to help save her life 

Waldorf and Statler are 9 week old doodles who were born with some deformities to their back legs. Once they arrive in our care we will asses what is going on and what will need to be done.


Minnie needs surgery to correct her volva to help her from leaking urine we are also raising funds for her surgery next month 

Danica has suffered some kind of trauma that has left her unable to control her bladder or bowels. We har working on clearing up a skin yeast infections and kennel cough


Aster is completely blind and deaf she  need their puppy shots before they will be ready

Odin does not have any special needs but he did come to use with worms and two eye infections so he is currently being treated for those.


1 yr old collie mix ?

super shy and shut down

he has the last 9 months in an outdoor kennel with very little human contact. He will not be up for adoption for a while  


10yr old HW positive dog his treatment should be complete in January 


just had surgery to fix her crooked leg she will need 4-6 months of recovery time 

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