Dogs for Adoption 



 2yr old paralyzed border collie mix. He is super sweet and loves everyone, kids included. He loves running around in his wheel cart that will go with him, or run around in his drag back. After being shot in the spine and being left to fend for himself this boy deserves a loving family 


ChuWee was given up by his family when he became diabetic. Now he is blind and would love to find a person of his own. He hates crates but is a very well behaved boy. He would do best with someone home all day that he could follow around and go for walk with 


Flint is around 2yrs old. He is deaf and blind. He is very affectionate and prefers female dogs to male dogs. He is crate trained and housebroken 

Dogs in need of treatment / or continued care 


Jack is a 16 month old german shepherd who was born with back leg deformities. He is super sweet and does great in his wheel cart. He will be fitted for a new cart 


Melonie suffered an injury as a puppy and has no use of her back legs and is incontinent 


Valentine has cerebellar hypoplasia. We are working on getting her stronger. She is currently using a cart to stand up and taking a few steps 


Kekoa has mega esophagus


Rosevelt has cerebellar hypoplasia 


Shiloh is a 4 month  old great dane with megaesophagus. She needs her puppy shots and needs to see the specialist about her mega esophagus treatment plan 


Saphire has no special needs but we are just learning her personality

Hadley was born with a defect in her hind legs. The do not straighten but she gets around very well. She is also able to use her bladder and bowels on her own