Dogs for Adoption 


Temperance is a 10 month old cattle dog who suffered a spinal fracture as a puppy. she is housebroken and keeps her crate dry overnight but she does sometimes leak urine. She is comfortable wearing a diaper in the house.She is all cattle dog and will need an owner who understands her breed. 



is 2 yrs old, she suffered a spinal injury and sadly her family chose to give her away rather than get her the treatment she needed.

She is doing great in her crt and it will go with her. She loves to go for walks and lay on soft blankets in the house. she is starting to use her back legs and will start physical therapy to see if we can help her regain use of her legs!


Kekoa has mega esophagus. He is doing amazing. Loves other dogs, people, kid, fine with cats, loves to play catch and he even brings it back. 


Kio is a 16week old pittie mix. He was diagnosed with a heart condition that sadly can not be fixed. He is a normal puppy and has no restrictions. there are no guarantees for any dog but for Kio he needs a family that understands he may not live as long as we hope!


Moonshine is a 6 month old lac mix puppy. She was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. Luckily her condition is good. She is eating and drinking well and has no issues when she uses her bailey chair. She4 is one of the most loving and sweet dogs you will ever meet. 


Mako is a 10 month old Shepherd who was born with front leg deformities. He was recently fitted for a art and should have it in a few weeks. He is working on house trining and as long as a human is with him he does great but he will not go outside on his own. 


Zag is a 6 month old belgian Malinois who is believed to have  degenerative cerebellar ataxia. He will be seeing a neurologist in a few weeks to try and get more answers about his condition. 

Dogs in need of treatment / or continued care 


Whiskey is being treated for seizures and has been hospitalized twice since coming into rescue. We are working on getting his medications just right. He is currently in foster care


Bink has a grade 5/6 heart murmur and will be evaluated at Tufts. He is currently in a foster home


Lotus is doing well in foster care and  will be spayed in oct. She has healed up from her wounds from her skull fracture and is slowly learning how to interact with her surroundings. 

Coming into rescue soon

more info will be added once we have the dogs arrive and they are evaluated


heart condition




vision issues




cerebellar hypoplasia