Dogs for Adoption 

Cowboy is a 6yr old who can't use his back legs. He loves his wheel cart and zooming around. He also does fine bouncy himself around when he is not in his cart

Dog in need of treatment / or continued care 

Rory is a 4 week old puppy who was born without an opening to her anus. She is a good candidate for surgery so we are currently fundraising to help save her life 


just had surgery to fix her crooked leg she will need 4-6 months of recovery time 


Rosie is around 10yrs old, deaf, blind and very overweight. We will have more info on her when she sees our vets. One thing we know for sure is she is very sweet.


Callum is a 9 months old Manchester Terrier mix. He is flat footed and his back in hunched. We can only guess that he was kept in a small cage which did not allow his body to properly grow. X rays showed no signs of bone issues. He is extremely shy and afraid of people.

Presley is a 9 month old shepherd with mega esoupagus. We are working on getting her on medication and a new food schedule to help reduce her regurgitation.

 Statler are 9 week old doodles who were born with some deformities to their back legs. Once they arrive in our care we will asses what is going on and what will need to be done.


Minnie needs surgery to correct her volva to help her from leaking urine we are also raising funds for her surgery next month 

Eira (Ay-Rah) is a 4 month old shepherd with possible mega esophagus. We are working on getting her a diagnosis 

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