Dogs for Adoption 


Callum is now on the look out for a a patient family who will help him continue to gain trust 


Dog in need of treatment / or continued care 

Rory needs to have a second surgery to help her potty properly. She will be going back to Cornell next week March 22nd



Minnie needs surgery to correct her volva to help her from leaking urine we are also raising funds for her surgery next month 


Presley is a 1yr old shepherd with mega esophagus.She is a total love. She loves being with her people. She will do well with a friend or as an only dog. Once she is spayed she will be available for adoption.

Eira (Ay-Rah) is a 6month old shepherd with mega esophagus. she is doing great she has some hind end weakness we are watching out for before she is ready for adoption. 


Alister is an 8-9 week old mini texas healer. He is deaf and has some visual issues. 


Ryia is a3 months old German Shepherd. She has a grade 4 heart murmur and will needs to have surgery to repair a hole in her heart


Navi is around 2yrs old. She is both deaf and blind. We thought she was pregnant when she came into our care but after 2 ultrsounds we did not discover any puppies. There are some abnormalities with her uterus so she will be going back again for another check before she can be spayed and then adopted.