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Dogs for Adoption 


deaf redbone coon hound 

1.3 yrs old

Rupert has come a long way since entering rescue. He is house trained, crate  trained  and food motivated. He still need work with walking on a leash as he wants to smell everything and say Hi to everyone, He will do best with a canine buddy to play with. He loves snuggling and taking his afternoon naps. 


great dane mix 

Kevin has cerebellar hypoplasia

he is wobbly when he walks and falls down. He loves to chase balls and play with other dogs. He would love a canine friend. He will not be placed in a home with small children. A home without a lot of stairs is best. He can walk up no problem but going down is a little harder for him. He is house broken. We do not crate Kevin due to his size and unsteadiness, he is fine in a room with hos dog bed and a bone to chew on.

Dog in need of treatment / or continued care 


shine is in our care and we will be starting treatment for heart worm. He will also need a full dental work up and be neutered once treatment is complete. 


Oakley was diagnosed with mega esophagus. Her condition does not allow for her to be spayed at this time and between her regular vet visits, speciality vet visits and special meals we have decided that she will remain with us.