Dogs for Adoption 


Babette is about 1yr old and is very shy around people. She will need to have another playful dog in her home and a secured fenced in yard 


Sequoia is about 1 yrs old. She is a super mutt !!! She has mega esophagus and is currently having surgery to tack her stomach in place to keep it from entering her esophagus and causeing her issues.


Kahlua is around 10yrs old and blind. She had to have het eyes removed because of the lack of care she received from her previous owners. She is now looking for a quiet home to be loved. 


Bentley is a 5yr old beagle mix. He has mega colon so he is on a special diet and medication. You would never know anything was wrong with him. He loves chasing balls and snuggling with a hukuman. He will be a great fit to any home. 

Dogs in need of treatment / or continued care 


Hemingway is paralyzed after being shot in the spine twice and not receiving any care for weeks after. We are working on getting him, neutered and fitted for a wheel cart. He will start physical therapy soon. Once we have him all set up he will be looking for a family to continue caring for him. He loves his humans and running after the other dogs.